Walk-in Closet Upgrade

This post is about upgrading a builder grade wire rack closet to a well organized walk-in closet. After Closet UpgradeBefore Closet UpgradeBefore and After Picture of a medium size walk-in closet upgrade. We removed the existing closet shelves and patched all the nail holes and painted them. Here is a video of the closet. https://youtu.be/0GNuz2L6HFsContinue reading Walk-in Closet Upgrade

Dinning Table Build – Granite Inlay

What if you wanted your dinning table to match your kitchen countertop. This table was built with that requirement. We wanted a solid base that can hold the weight of the granite. The table called for a granite insert. After considering a few designs we went with this design. The frame of the table has … Continue reading Dinning Table Build – Granite Inlay

Kitchen Backsplash Install

This post is about installing Peel & Stick Metal mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash. This is a straight forward install without any of the messy grouting process. Finished Picture Started off by removing the side splashes of the counter. Tools: Prybar, hammer, screwdriver, Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Tape Measure, Painter's Tape and Pencil. Here is … Continue reading Kitchen Backsplash Install