Bookshelf Build for baby room

My neighbor was looking for a bookshelf that will match their color theme in their baby room and can accommodate all the books they got from the baby shower.

Something in the rectangle shape was on their mind. We just wanted to go with pine and have it painted into their theme color. The color pick was a light grey.

The size is 38 Inches W X 37 Inches H X 11 3/4 Inches. Designed to fit taller books in bottom rack and medium sized ones in top 2 racks.

Baby Room Book Shelf

The backing is a 1/4 inch plywood painted in the same color. Just glued everything in place so the shelves are strong and sturdy. I cut a notch at the bottom so the shelf can be flush to the wall.

Used the domino to attach everything. Used a jigsaw to cut the notch at the bottom.


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