Dinning Table Build – Granite Inlay

What if you wanted your dinning table to match your kitchen countertop. This table was built with that requirement. We wanted a solid base that can hold the weight of the granite. Granite is inserted into the table top frame and is flush with the stone. Accuracy is a big deal in the project.

After considering a few designs we went with this design. The frame of the table has an 1/2 inch over hang. This provides a clean view for transition from top to bottom frame.

The table size is : 44 Inches x 84 inches (about 7 feet long). We decided to use 4×4 wood for posts and 2×4 for frame parts. You could use red oak, maple, fir or any other hardwood.

Stain was a mix of dye stains. We used black cherry over empire red dye stain from General finishes, purchased at wood craft.

The granite was 1 1/4 inches thick, the top frame was milled to match the granite thickness.

Dinning Table Before Granite Insert.

Below is a video of the entire project.

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