Kitchen Backsplash Install

This post is about installing Peel & Stick Metal mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash. This is a straight forward install without any of the messy grouting process.

Finished Picture

Started off by removing the side splashes of the counter.

Tools: Prybar, hammer, screwdriver, Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Tape Measure, Painter’s Tape and Pencil.

Here is a link to a full install video that was posted on my YouTube channel

It was better for me to start from one corner of the wall and expand from there. The mosaic tiles were sharp, I would recommend wearing utility gloves. The adhesive on the back of the tiles was good enough to stick to the wall.

Our wall was neat and clean before we started. We cleaned the wall with a damp cloth and let it dry for about 30 minutes. The cuts needed to be precise around the outlets and edges of the drywall.

I have used these electrical box extenders for the receptacles to get them level with the backsplash. We used kitchen and bath caulk to seal the joints between the countertop and the tile.

The entire installation took about 4 hours once everything was setup.

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