How to make a Bed Swing in Living Room

I was presented with an opportunity to make a living room bed swing for a friend of mine. In this post, we will go over how this project became a reality. The size of the swing is 62 inches by 32 Inches. These Swings are pretty popular back home. Main challenge was to find out how to secure the hooks in the ceiling at the position where the swing needs to be hung.

A few pictures of the finished product below

First step was to design the actual swing. The requirement is to have the swing stained in Mahogany and thickness to be limited to just 3 inches for the actual swing.

I planned to use Baltic Brich Plywood on top of a 2×6 Pine frame. The edge and sides are 3/4 Red Oak. These are great for staining. More info about staining is detailed in my stairs post.

Home Depot was happy to cut my plywood to size. I cut 2×6 pinr on miter saw and used pocket hole jig for pocket holes in styles only in terms of cabinet doors. These will help me to attach the frame parts together.

The frame is attached with wood glue and pocket hole screws.

Pick the boards that are dead straight and dead flat.

Attaching the frame and checking square and flat.

Once the frame was done, I moved on to creating the actual top that will sit on the frame. We wanted a 1/2 inch edge on the top of the swing base, so that we can put a bed on top of it. At the bottom we had no rules.

Here is a shot of 1/2 inches space pieces before attaching the frame together.

Attached the top frame together with pocket holes and dropped the support frame into the top frame and attached them together with 2 inch nails.

Conditioning and Staining

I have not taken all the pictures of the ceiling hook attachments but a few of the overall attachments here. Hoping to add a video of the overall project shortly on my channel.

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