Whitewash Brick with Paint

A client wanted to transform traditional brick fireplace wall to a whitewashed look. This was our first project with white wash. We had to be very careful with how much white we wanted to look like. As we know once painted there is no going back.

This is the before picture.

We tested the color on a little bit of the area first to make sure the client like it. The grooves between the bricks were very deep, it took more time to get in between the bricks. This was a lesson for us for future project bids.

We had to tape of the mantle and flooring to be safe from any additional work. 2 people working together helps a lot. One can continue painting and paint has to be wiped off with a rag.

It took all day for 2 people to keep working on it, very exhausting. We used the high density knit roller from Home Depot. This saved a lot of time. We used Home Depot bucket for mixing water and a utility paint brush.

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