Kitchen Backsplash with Ledger Stone

We wanted to add a natural stone back splash to our kitchen. The builder did not provide any. We wanted to match the cabinets a bit. This is my first project working with natural stone.

Before image of the kitchen with out back splash.

The stone used here is Ledger stone that I got from home depot.

I followed drew in this video :

You will need a tile/stone cutter and mortar. Coming with patterns for all the stones together is important. Since the stone is natural it helps to lay it on the floor and mark the pieces.

We just added the stone directly onto the drywall. I was able to take some support from the countertop. Once the cement mortar is dried they are just fine.

Make sure to plan ahead about how you are going to cut around for the electrical outlets. You have to pull the outlets little out of the wall and have flat ends of the stones around the outlet. This will help the wall plate to be as close to flush as possible.

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