Outdoor Chairs

The chairs turned out to be really nice. They were a lot heavier than expected. You will need some good strength to lift one of them by yourself. I made the seat to be slightly slanted backward. The incline made them very comfortable to sit in them.

The seat size is 20 Inches L x 18 Inches W.

List of items needed for the project.

Give it a try – Below are a few steps to get going. A butt joint is made with 2×4 leg piece with 2×6 side slat. The picture on the right shows one complete side. A second-hand helps by 1 person can do it too.

Next, we attach front and back slats to both the sides and the bottom support on both sides.

Attach bottom seat slats and then the hand rest with clamps to make sure they stay in place.

We are ready to stain and polish now. I used the Varathane Wood Stain and Minwax Indoor/Outdoor Urethane (Semi-Gloss).

Comparison between unfinished and finished pine wood.

Here is the finished product. To my surprise, the chair looked so good inside the living room. It’s super comfortable after adding 3/4 inch wood as a backrest. Backrest needs some finish though.

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